3 Greatest Cheat Codes in Video Gaming History

Video gaming is not only a great way to provide entertainment, but they can also test you to the extent of your skills. Throughout a couple of decades, since the first game ‘Space Invaders’ was invented and created, there have been many games created. Most of the games that have been created from then are extremely difficult and sometimes need someone to help figure it out. But not for some people. Some people have found that they were able to create cheat codes and programs that could help them pass to the game with little to no difficulty at all. Many still consider cheating games to be impossible as you are going up against a computer. Although it seems fantastic, it is extensively difficult to be able to both successfully hack and find cheats in a video game.

Input Codes On The Verse Screen, Mortal Kombat

The famous game is a classic; your role is a fighter who fights other opponents with the keyboard movements on a PC and the controller on a console. To interact with this game, all you have to do is open the verse screen and enter a specific combination of numbers. Once completed you will see and unlock the cheats in the game. All you have to do is purchase ‘Mortal Kombat 9’ and enter the numbers 911911 in the verses screen which will immediately open the cheats.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2: Debug Mode

This code is very complex and requires a lot of patience. To activate this cheat all you have to do is move to the options menu and open sound test. Play songs 19, 65, 09 and 17 in order. Press start and exit. After the game starts up again, play these songs in order 1, 9, 9, 2, 1, 1, 2, 4. This will be essential in unlocking the mode, but it is vital that you also press and hold A before pressing start. This mode is slightly crazy and weird. After inputting the different songs and buttons, you could turn the blue hedgehog into a ring and other items commonly in the game. You could also additionally fly throughout the entire game with specific characters.

Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog

Grand Theft Auto: Multiple Cheats

GTA is one of the most loved games throughout the years. It features a free-world area where you can complete tasks and objectives. You can find many Easter eggs many cheats during the gameplay. To activate a series of tricks through the game all you have to do is press the following controls, right 2, right 2, left 1, right 2, left, down, right, up, left, down, right, up. There are many short tricks available for this game. One of the more famous tricks is to make your ammo or weapons last for an infinite amount of time, which certainly make the game a whole lot more fun. If you find perfect weather in you are grab a couple of you, cheat codes and put them to use in the GTA world, and since its already an excellent game, the cheat version is almost ten times more as fun.