Awesome Video Games That Should Be Movies

Gaming and movies are the most promising industries in entertainment. Ever since the release of previous video game movies that have performed very poorly, audiences have dreaded the release of video game movies. Video game movies such as ‘Tomb Raider’ and ‘Ready Player One’ had high expectations from the audience, but it left much of the audience upset with the quality. Some of the best games have the worst movies, and this theory has been proven correct by decade’s worth of video game movies that have used minimal attempt to improvise.

Grand Theft Auto

Grand theft auto or GTA is one of the most prominent immersive games in gaming history. With the ability to wander around the gaming world completing objectives and making illegal decisions like trespassing and stealing automobiles, audiences love it. The game deserves a movie, and the audience expects it to be wild and unchecked with adrenaline levels, and the illegal charms of the game itself have to promise.

Kentucky Route Zero

Loved by audiences of all ages, KRZ is a game that should be adapted for the big screen. In recent years, Kentucky Route Zero is considered to be one of the best games released and is aesthetically singular and features a diverse cast. However, audiences and fans think that it would serve the purpose better as a mini-series rather than a movie. Inspiring wait and tension, this game is rumoured to be the best.


The game is similar to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, which hands down has the best adaptation of a video game and understood the game itself. The movie understood the dynamics of the game better than most movies. One of the most significant parts about the game ‘limbo’ is that it is similar to ‘Badlands’ which include an eerie and dark background with beautiful graphics that require puzzle solving skills and split-second decisions to control the movements. The movie adaptation of the game shows that the game has a potential for a narrative which makes the process easier.


Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot is a game that exists between the characters of the loony tune and sonic the hedgehog, which consists of a marsupial equipped with a wholesome smile while wearing some cool sneakers. The game is another sonic the hedgehog with capturing graphics and challenges in store. Many attempts have been made into making a movie format of the game. Many have tried to get the game to be adapted into an animated series. However, to avoid resembling the games, the movie should be made about the adrenaline and the native marsupial of Australia.

Dark Souls III

Many players suggest that ‘The Last of Us’ make it to the big screens, but ‘Dark Souls III’ deserves every bit of a movie. The game tells a wonderful story that can be easily adapted to use in the movie industry. The game is short on the story but long on the atmospheric tension, making it a game that is easily improved for the movie. ‘Dark Souls III’ is a medieval story that has a touch of fantasy in its storyline making it a movie worth watching.