Good Adventure Video Games Are Like Great Books

Parents often complain that video games are a waste of time and that they do not help children in any way, but to provide meaningless entertainment. At a time, when movies and television shows came out, parents at the time felt the same about television time. Studies have shown that video games are not just great for entertainment, but also have a more in-depth and meaningful connection with the player. Video game producers are using the study as a form of encouragement to develop games that are meaningful to consumers as well. Video games do not have the same acceptance level as music, television, movies or even books. However, the study has shown promise to change all of that.

The Study Behind the Study

The research to determine the meaningful nature of games to gamers was able to suggest that the story brought out feelings of appreciation in the subjects. Perception and enrichment are two areas of interest that the games are possibly tapping with players.

Perception – In games, this could hold in being anything related to perceiving human emotions and virtues like courage or even spirituality.

Enrichment – Players are able, even to form gratifying experiences and enrichment through the games.

The study does not consider the games that are not of high quality or that do not provide any perception or enrichment. Those games, while entertaining, might not be suitable for the overall development of a player. However, the games that are developed by mindful producers have much to offer than just hours of playing. The study can prove that not all games are adverse in providing any meaningful development in both children and adults. It goes to show that the games when developed the right way, have the potential to change and transform humans.

The Big Difference Between Books and Games

According to the study, games can provide the players with experiences that are relevant to the situation. While people who read books are left at the mercy of the characters in the book to make a choice, the games are different. In books, readers do not get a choice in the matter an the emotions that are expected to be derived from the reader is achieved by simply reading the book. In games, players are sometimes given choices to make when they have to pass an obstacle. When the wrong decision is made, feelings of guilt overtake the player, or the sense of pride sets in when they make the right choice.

Games have transformed massively over the last few decades. Players don’t just need to point and click on the bad guys anymore. Players are expected to make emotional decisions based on the options that they are provided. The evolution of games is thus providing players with an ability to experience and explore the emotional potential of games. When players were studied for the type of games that they found more appealing after having played several games; it was found that they were able to relate to the meaningful ones a lot more. There is much to be seen in the gaming world, and the study goes to prove that the changes in games are only working for the better.