Horror Movie-Based Video Games Are Like A Needle in The Haystack

There are horror movies that are so scary that both adults and children hide under blankets. There are even horror games that will make you lose sleep for days. However, there are very few horror movies that have been made into games that have the desired fear factor, figured in it. There are several games in the horror genre that players find attractive. There are several classic horror movies that viewers love and would make great plays too. As technology and cinematic experiences mature and change, there is a huge demand for games that are a horror movie based. In the mid-2000s there was a burst of horror movie-based games which users loved.

Far Cry, BloodRayne, Postal, The House of the Dead are some of the games that favorite game-movie director Uwe Boll has produced. He did something to cinema that was not seen before, and it was a huge hit. The graphics that went into the games were fabulous, and the financial backing for the games came from multimillion-dollar sources. The games were often different from the movies but still had the fear factor featured in them. The character names and titles were probably some of the only features that were consistent with the games itself. The movies that Boll developed were built to please fans and players around the world. From fighting underwater too long narrations, Boll picked and chose what the audience would like to see. The world a lot of variation which was not possible in the movies itself, before.

Debunking the Horror Movie Based on Games Genre

Many times, the movies that Boll made into movies were terrible, and the audience did not like it as much. However, the director was able to produce the film on a shoestring budget from the concessions he received from the financial system in Germany. The profits he made from the film were enough, and he continued to make videos of mediocre quality but consistent. The parks of the horror games are picked for its originality, and they are implemented in the games. Unlike in the film, there is a need to give the gamer a unique feature to his character which can be manipulated repeatedly.

From injecting a serum for superhuman strength, to gaining the ability to be able to crawl on walls, the games have some features that can be used. The movies, however, have a ton of added content that will never be featured in the horror movies itself. Having bullets fly and being able to control it is one thing, however when watching a movie, the audience is helpless and left to watch how the entire sequence plays out for the director. The creativity of the director and team is showcased in the movies, but the crux of the game stays the same.

One of the horror games that made the best movie series was the Resident Evil movies from 2002. The movie was based on the classic game and was a great adaptation of a play turned into a film. The video was produced by Paul W.S. Anderson who did a fabulous job in bringing life to the creatures from the games. As the film continued to be made, the characters became familiar to the gamers who have played the game.

Horror video games are best played when the gamer is drawn into the experience. The games reach into a very primal part of the human mind and shake free some dread. The movies that are developed are yet to instil the same reaction as the games. However, the promise of great games and more famous horror movies in the future is a promise left to be witnessed.