How Japanese Gaming Influenced the World

Gaming has been a significant entertainment part in the lives of both children and adults. Without gaming, humans would not have invented innovative and creative technologies. Ever since the first video game ‘Space War!’ was released, different types of games have been created. Ever since the release of ‘Space War!’ the Japanese have been focused on creating the best games in the world. Led by the now capital city of Japan – Tokyo, was famous for developing and creating the most famous games, including Super Mario. Video game expert and writer ‘Console Wars,’ Blake J. Harris says that without the Japanese coming up with such games, we wouldn’t have a gaming industry that is as advanced as it is today.

Although the type of gaming that is provided by the Japanese brands are getting old, users are moving onto mobile and handheld devices. Japanese games are set mainly on consoles, so in 2013 when the PlayStation 4 console was released, it became the best-selling console in 18 months. The reason for the console’s success is because of its VR headset. It is by far the only console that can support a VR headset, also called the PSVR.

The latest technology developed by gaming brand Nintendo is called the ‘Nintendo Switch.’ The Nintendo Switch is a new handheld device that you can carry with you and enjoy hours of endless gaming from anywhere. The Switch is considered to be a fusion of a handheld device and a gaming console. It is designed to look like a Gameboy and can split into three parts – 2 controllers and one screen, for multiple players. The device currently boasts a newer version of ‘The Legend of Zelda’ and other games.

Nintendo Switch game
Nintendo Switch game

One of the first games in Japan includes the classic ‘Space Invaders.’ The game was inspired and created after the release of the first Star Wars movie. Due to the game’s simple objective of shooting down the descending aliens with a laser cannon/ship, the game began to gain popularity and was soon famous worldwide. Another famous game that helps shape the gaming industry is the well-known game  ‘Pac Man.’ The objectives of the game are simple, control the yellow blob on the screen and consume all the pellets without being killed by the ghosts. During the 1990s, a company was known as Twin Galaxies – a record tracking agency counted the number of times a Pac Man machine was used. Over 10 million people played Pac Man in the 20th century alone.

Unlike all the games and consoles that are included above, one console has been the most popular and influenced Japanese gaming. The GameBoy is the portable version of the home console. It consisted of a monochrome screen with only four shades of grey, making it a cheaper alternative to the home consoles. The GameBoy is known for its ability to play over a hundred titles and games. Some of these games include Super Mario and Pokemon, which are both games from iconic brands like Nintendo and Sega.