Information For Parents About Fortnite – Web-Games

The multiplayer game Fortnite has been all the sensation recently. Children are flocking to the internet to get a dose of the game, leaving parents worried if the game has anything of value. Epic Games published Fortnight and involves several players who work together to survive in a unique world. The characters that are chosen by players fight against others as the player advanced in the game world. The game itself does not have any real violent graphics like the console games. The cartoonish violence that it offers is a fear for parents who have young children who play the game.

About Fortnite and What Happens in Gameplay

At the start of the game, the player chooses to either work alone or in a co-operative environment where they play with other players. The game involves fighting creatures that are zombie-like and surviving through to the end while protecting their environment. The game has a free version which allows multiplayer mode. There are over 100 players who play the game at any given time. They compete both individually as well as in teams of four.

About Fortnite and What Happens in Gameplay
About Fortnite and What Happens in Gameplay

The game requires the users to create a player account when they begin. Children who play the game will need to provide an email address and verify the same. It is suggested that any parents who are worried about their children being exposed by playing games on the web should install parental controls to ensure that all emails and happenings are monitored. Once the player has verified their email address, they would be able to create a username which they would use in the gaming environment.

The game is famous for several reasons. The game is rated as being the number one web-based game of 2018.

  • The game is free and is available on all consoles as well as on Android devices and the internet.
  • The game is very immersive, and the games can go on for at least 30 minutes. If a player loses his life during gameplay, they can quickly begin the game again. Because of this feature that game is considered to be very addictive to young children.
  • The design of the game is fabulous, and there are updates on the challenges every week. The developers of the game are constantly changing the game to keep it exciting and immersive.
  • There is a rewarding system in the game in the form of V bucks.
  • The social media following that the game website has is massive. There are even game walkthrough videos available on youtube featuring how to cross some levels which contributes to cross-platform immersion. Children might begin to follow culture and are compelled to keep playing because of the constant and reinforcing content across platforms.
  • The game is for children over the age of 12. Children who are under this age should not be allowed to play this game. The rating for the game is PG and parents should be able to enforce discipline according to the mental maturity of the child.