The Adventure Game Pokemon-Go Is Revolutionary

Derived from the original game, Pokemon Go’ is the latest version of the classic ‘Pocket Monsters’ Created in the year 2016 the game was a sensational hit featuring the less used technology called ‘Augmented Reality.’ This technology utilizes the camera app, along with the location on your mobile device to play the game. Pokemon Go is well known as the game to break multiple records including the fastest to earn $100 billion and most amount of downloads in the first month of release.

Although the game is now not as popular as it was in 2016, many users still use it. The game uses creative and state-of-the-art ways to get people moving and exploring. Pokemon Go utilizes the location feature on your mobile device to make you hunt for AIs who are pokemon. The game aims to capture Pokemon in the real world and use them to unlock championships and participate in battles. Augmented Reality is the technology that is used to insert computer-generated creatures into your surroundings, which can be visible only using the camera.

The Charm Behind the Game

One of the most important things that playing pokemon go allows you to accomplish is getting exercise. Unlike other games where you can play it anywhere you like, Pokemon Go requires the player to go to a physical destination. The game is an activity stimulator as it makes you want to move around and find pocket monsters (pokemon). Also, the type of weather will significantly affect the kind of pokemon you will hunt. The game consists of an avatar on a map. The map shows the nearest poke stops and the types of Pokemon that are closest to you.

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

Over time, people have figured out ways to easily hack the game or fool it to make the program think that you are moving around. One such example is the car hack. Instead of moving out on foot, getting into your car and driving around the neighborhood can help you to gain more pokemon that you couldn’t have reached. The car hack is not necessarily a hack as it still makes you get out of the house and look around for the monsters. Poke stops are another feature of the game, usually situated at landmarks. These poke stops drop ‘pokeballs,’ eggs and other pieces of equipment, which are essential to catching these monsters.

Problems with the Game

However, one of the major issues with this game is the distractions and accidents it causes. Sometimes, players have completely ignored regulations and laws and entered private properties. Some even stopped in the middle of a highway to catch a Pikachu(a very rare Pokemon character), which resulted in a devastating car crash killing and injuring many. Another issue with the game is socializing. One of the game’s other purposes is to increase the rate of socializing. However, the exact opposite took place, as many individuals were too engrossed in the game and never really interacted with other players and friends. Most of the time, players only interacted with each other during battles against each other, which were also online.