The Best Classic Point and Click Adventure Games – Part 2

Simon The Sorcerer

Another franchise this time from the British development team Adventure Soft as opposed to the point and click powerhouse LucasArts (who we will visit again). Simon the Sorcerer is a story about a young boy named Simon who finds himself in a bizarre fantasy land after chasing his dog through a magic portal. In order to return home, he must embark on a quest to save the wizard Calypso from the clutches of the wicked Sordid. Think Monkey Island but with the fantasy genre instead of pirates, swap the humour for a quirkier British brand and you have Simon the Sorcerer. This game pastiches everything from The Lord of the Rings to Dungeons & Dragons and is a real giggle for any fan of the genre. The second game is just as enjoyable too so be sure to check that one out once you’re done.

King’s Quest IV: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

Sierra’s King’s Quest series has several entries, most of which sadly lack the quality to be replayed in this day and age. That however cannot be said about it’s fourth entry Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow. In this Sierra managed take the better points from their previous games and mix them into a pot with a more modern approach to the genre that they had previously failed to grasp. The result is a lovingly crafted world with a top-notch story and some excellent scripting. The puzzles are difficult enough to keep you guessing whilst the beautiful scenery filled with imagination will be enough to keep you from giving up when the going gets tough. If you’re a fan of the series I would strongly encourage you to give the newest game a try. Though it may not be a classic it’s a real return to the genre style, one you aren’t likely to find anywhere else.

Sam & Max Hit the Road

We return to LucasArts, this time with the wonderfully wacky Sam & Max Hit the Road. This is a game that encapsulates the power of humour within games, though it may fall short in comparison to some of the others in terms of puzzles it more than makes up for this with laughs, outlandish plots, imagination and sheer enthusiasm. You’ll want to keep playing just to see what these two Freelance Police officers do next as they travel across the USA and visit some the tackiest tourist traps on earth in search of the missing Bigfoot. It’s twists and turns will surprise just because they’re so crazy you’ll never have guessed them. Despite the lead characters being almost psychotic (Max just is psychotic) you’ll quickly grow to love them and the barmy solutions. You may have also seen the more recent outings of this duo produced by TellTale Games. These were just as much fun and kickstarted the new wave of adventure games that are making the circuits today.