The Best Classic Point and Click Adventure Games – Part 3

Discworld Noir

The first two games in the Discworld series are perhaps more memorable thanks to their closer connection to the actual stories along with such big names as Jon Pertwee, Tony Robinson and of course Eric Idle amongst its cast members. Though arguably more memorable however, these games didn’t have anything on the frankly ground-breaking third entry, Discworld Noir. Unlike the others this game instead had an original story and despite not being based on the books honestly felt a lot more like a Discworld story. In fact, this really should come as no surprise as Terry Pratchett was actually involved in its creation. This somewhat gloomy and humorous tale showcases a few decent puzzles, a good cast (with Rob Brydon returning) and some pretty innovative mechanics for the genre, the most intriguing being your notebook in which you can use clues you have recorded like you would inventory items to help you solve the puzzles before you. Sadly, there has been no digital rerelease of this classic to date but who knows, maybe one day?

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars

Developed by Revolution, the Broken Sword series is one of the most well-known point and click adventure series’ about. The first two games in particular are arguably some of the best examples of the genre to date. Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars is the first entry in this five-part series and has everything you could want from an adventure title. You play as both a hard-hitting French journalist named Nico Collard and an easy-going American holiday goer named George Stobbart, together the two are pulled into a major conspiracy involving the mysterious templar organisation that takes them across the globe. Not only are the puzzles excellent and the characters fantastic but the story is utterly enthralling, leaving you wanting more after every session. You can purchase the Directors cut version of the game digitally which though doesn’t really add much of worth it’s still the same great game.

Day of the Tentacle

This is a point and click adventure game that has it all, laughs, great puzzles, an interesting plot and an awesome system that was a product of developers really thinking outside of the box. In Day of the Tentacle you play as three separate characters in three different timelines, their actions each effect the other which means you too have to think outside of the box in order to solve some of the great puzzles that this game has to offer. The cartoonish art style is as fun as its sense of humour which will have you laughing throughout which is great because this’ll help to stop the conundrums from frustrating you when things become more difficult. This is one of LucasArts’ best games and is an absolute must for any point and click adventurer.

We should also give honourable mentions to Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Toonstruck, The Longest Journey and Space Quest IV which are all also absolutely great and worth your time.