Why Movie-Based Video Games Are Disappearing

There has been a significant decline in movie-based video games over the last 20 years. Both Hollywood and the gaming industry thrived on the fact that they could base their concepts around each other. As a very symbiotic relationship, the content that was refurbished did very well with the audiences who either loved the games or the movies. Movies based on games or games based on film saw a decline with the growing popularity of the internet. Audiences preferred to play games and bet online as opposed to playing video games with a console. The online games have been able to provide users with the same concepts as the high budget video games and are quick and easy to use.

Over the last decade, video game makers have found that bringing the movies to the gaming consoles had a very deteriorating effect on their budgets. As a result, many gaming companies are entirely forgoing the idea of the game-movie conversion and vice versa. Even though avid gamers are disappointed with the decline of these games, the concept has given rise to the potential for online games and their websites. The online betting websites are now able to theme their games based on movies, for example, there is a slot machine game that is based on an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Several web-based games are adventure related too and based on films made.


Giving up on making games dedicated for gaming consoles that are based on movies is the best thing that has happened to the gaming world. Everyone and anyone can access games now, and there is something they can relate to when they play adventure games based on movies. Even though they are not packed with graphics, they still offer something that is based on the film. They also are nostalgic in a sense where children who watch their favorite movies can now play the related game online without needing a console at all.

The movies that are based on games have suffered immensely because of the sequels and prequels is what some people feel. It was almost impossible to go back and forth in the timeline with the games. As a result, while the original games have been big hits and their movies delivering on the entertainment element, the second and third part of the games or the film, were not able to offer on the enthusiasm that users had with the original game. With online games, the rewarding system is beneficial as well.

Users can win prizes and, move ahead without much of an investment as they would need for a low profile movie-game. As the popularity of online games continues to grow, the ability to marry the two technologies have now become a possibility. Users who have a console can use the browsers on their consoles to access web-based games too. There is an opportunity for everyone, ever since the games have been moved to the online medium. Indeed, an end to an era of expensive games that were not as popular for the money spent on them.