Xbox’s Game Pass – The Hub For Video Gamers in The Future

Gaming is a vital part of the everyday life of almost every teenager these days. It provides teens with entertainment and a way to escape their daily activities and try something new. Ever since the creation of the first game, games have been immensely popular. Brands like Microsoft and Nintendo are companies that have raised to fame by creating gaming consoles and even games to expand their reaches. The Xbox One and 360 are perfect examples of the gaming consoles created by Microsoft. Recently, advertisements have been released on how there will be an Xbox Game Pass for gamers to access every game on the Xbox browsing systems.

Subscriptions Services In Video Games

Similar to the Xbox game pass, many other gaming companies have also followed suit. The ever-famous PlayStation allows PC users and players to download and play a limited number of older and more complex games, through a game pass known as PS Now. The EA Origin access also allows hundreds of older games to its subscribers. Up until the most recent announcements, Microsoft’s Xbox has released and improved their Game Pass services. The services initially allowed subscribers to download hundreds of older games. Similar to other services like Netflix, the marked similarity between all of these gaming companies and consoles is that they only offered older and less recent games. This character is similar to Netflix before it started introducing new TV shows like “House of Cards” and other new and popular series and movies. Gaming subscriptions were known to lack immensely in more modern and favorite games and instead offer subscribers older games. This was the case until the Microsoft Game Pass came into the show.

Xbox Gaming Pass, The Netflix of Video Games

Ever since the recent development and announcement of the Xbox gaming pass, the Xbox pass only allowed players and subscribers to play and download older and less known games. This was until they decided to upload more original content on their browser and their system. Providing people access to the content rather than selling it, provided the company with more income and a higher number of subscribers and users. However one of the significant issues that have now risen is the speed of production of original games. As of now, the company is struggling to be able to create new and unique games for the use for subscribers. Users are not expected to completely move towards not buying the model of the games themselves, in fact, it is doubtful that it will occur.

The gaming pass does not only need a multitude of games and programs and good reviews. The games that are available in the system need not be a AAA game but have to along the lines of “Steady” and “Good.” Too many AAA games are not worth the money and the wait, so playing a series of games that are “Ok” or “Average” is more popular and more successful in an average gaming pass.